What I’m reading: State of the World Cities 2010-2011 Bridging the Urban Divide

Actually, I’m obsessed with everything which deals with « globalization ». After reading the excellent and best-seller “The world is flat”, I was looking for something similar, something wich could help me to understand the world around me and I was stopped by this :

The world is inexorably becoming urban. By 2030 all developing regions, including Asia and Africa, will have more people living in urban than rural areas. In the next 20 years, Homo sapiens, “the wise human”, will become Homo sapiens urbanus in virtually all regions of the planet. Cities – whether large or small, whole neighbourhoods, city centres, suburban or peri-urban areas – offer human beings the potential to share urban spaces, participate in public and private events and exercise both duties and rights. These opportunities in turn make it possible to cultivate societal values and define modes of governance and other rules that enable human beings to produce goods, trade with others and get access to resources, culture, and various forms of riches or well-being. Cities can be open or closed with regard to residents’ ability to access, occupy and use urban space, and even produce new spaces to meet their needs. Cities can also be open or closed in terms of residents’ ability to access decisions and participate in various types of interaction and exchange. Some residents find the city as the place where social and political life takes place, knowledge is created and shared, and various forms of creativity and art are developed; other residents find that the city denies them these opportunities. Cities can therefore be places of inclusion and participation, but they can be also places of exclusion and marginalization.

Enought for me! Nowadays, we live close to everyone so I guess you probably want to know what will happen to our cities in 2030. What better way to contribute to change. So, make it! Read it here and let’s see how we can transform our daily life and our future!


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